10 2015

Basic Emergency Planning Workship

10:00AM - 3:00PM  

State Preparedness Training Center 5900 Airport Road
Oriskany, NY 13424

Registration Deadline: June 29, 2015

The Emergency Planning Workshop provides emergency management and public safety personnel with the knowledge, skills and ability to develop or enhance their Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP).

This workshop is designed to be a refresher for seasoned emergency planners, and serve as a solid foundation for new planning professionals. This session will provide participants with plan concept and structure, and integration with other plans in the jurisdiction. If participants are willing, they can submit their plans in advance, and have OEM staff provide comments on their CEMP on-site during the session.

Course Curriculum and Topics:
NYS Legal Basis for planning, Federal Planning guidance, the Planning Process, Risk Assessment, Risk and capabilities-based planning, hands-on plan review (if desired).

Participants are recommended to complete the following FEMA Independent Study (IS) courses: Emergency Planning Course (G-235b) or Independent Study IS 235b; IS-700.a, NIMS Introduction, and IS-800.B, NRF Introduction to enhance the learning experience. Courses are available here:


Cost: There is no fee for the workshop. Food, Lodging and Transportation costs are the responsibility of participants.

Location: State Preparedness Training Center
5900 Airport Road
Oriskany, New York 13424

Time(s): 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Who Should Attend?
The class size is limited. Preference will be given to those individuals who are or will be participating in multi-agency emergency planning at the jurisdictional-level.

The target audience for this course is individuals who participate in emergency planning activities and include, but are not limited to: Emergency Management Agencies, Fire Service, Law Enforcement, EMS, Healthcare, Education, Military, Search and Rescue, and other organizations with emergency management responsibilities.

Registration: The Statewide Learning Management System (SLMS) will be used for course registration https://nyslearn.ny.gov/index.html if you already have an account within SLMS please choose SLMS Login, if you are new to the system please choose First Time Logging.

Please click on the link below for information on how to validate/obtain an account within the New York State Learning Management System http://www.dhses.ny.gov/training/slms/SLMS_ExternalUserRegistration.pdf