High Holidays Safety & Security Resources


The Secure Community Network (SCN), the network of Jewish communal security professionals, national security experts, and religious leaders hosted a series of conversations to aid preparedness for the High Holiday season.
All resources and webinars, including the remarks made during the three training-based webinars, are available below for viewing and sharing.

2023 Webinar Recordings and Resources

10 August 2023

Firearms & the Faithful and Private Security Considerations

24 August 2023

Memphis: An Insider Perspective

30 August 2023

​Functional Needs and Emergency Preparedness


31 August 2023

Personal Safety for Lay & Professional Leadership During High Holidays

05 September 2023

Power of Hello SCN Training Opening Remarks

06 September 2023

Stop the Bleed SCN Training Opening Remarks

07 September 2023

Countering Active Threat SCN Training Opening Remarks

National Swatting Update